Bike APP preview now available

Bike APP is the app for all bicycle owners! Build your digital bike garage and get benefits from community powered public bike and component catalog. In addition of tracking your rides and services you can enjoy service templates created by Bike APP users, find bikes and components from public catalog and much more.

Preview program

Now we are ready to accept new preview users for Bike APP! Before public release to platform stores we allow users to signup to our preview program. This way we are moving towards public release and get rid of the bugs before initial release to everyone.

Join our preview program and help us to grow Bike APP community and the public catalog while getting great features to help you keeping your gear in shape!

Main features

Bike APP allows to create bikes and components where components can be attached to bikes or placed to your component inventory. When bikes and components are created basic information is made available for other Bike APP users. Therefore the public catalog keeps growing and finding component information gets easier all the time and you can also find easily what components other users have used in same bike that you have. So finding components that fit to your bikes gets much easier!

You can keep track of your rides and services. Bike APP will calculate usage information for you and when you have enabled scheduled services, Bike APP will also show you how many hours or kilometers is to next service for the component. Even estimated service date is calculated based on your bike usage. In next version we will introduce ride sync from Strava service so you will get your rides easily to Bike APP.

There is also much more in Bike APP, so join the program and see all the features in action!